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Patriot Punk

Defiant, vocal and creative, the founder of the Patriot Punk Network takes a unique approach to problem solving and enjoys watching politicians squirm. 

Sam AdamZ

Sports fan and long-time dissident who was arrested after picking his son up from school. Hated by corrupt politicians everywhere, Sam AdamZ stays stirring the pot.

Unframe Of Mind

Come have the most mind-stretching intellectual intercourse of your life with Daniel Wagner and Anthony Trawick, masters of Uncomfortable Conversations without a Condom.

Liberty Tactics

UK Show Host Lou Collins tackles international political issues, digs deep into conspiracy theories and interviews major political players from all over the world.

Censorship Sucks

One of the largest Content Producers on Minds.com, Censorship Sucks interviews persons of interest from all over the world in his pursuit of truth.

Pennie Fay

Retired EMT from NY who was working when the towers fell. Actress, Activist, and Patriot! 

Seeking The Truth

Shadow Banned from YouTube at 99k Subscribers, Seeking the Truth refuses to be silenced.

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