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Welcome to the Patriot Punk Network

Hello! I'm Chase Matheson, founder of the Patriot Punk Network! I worked in the Aerospace Industry until I was abruptly fired after organizing the OpenTN Rally on April 20, 2020. Refusing to stand motionless while so many of my fellow patriots were being censored, silenced, and bullied into keeping their political opinions to themselves. After thinking long and hard, I have decided to create network where myself and fellow patriots can be free from censorship and from the Cancel Culture of today's world. We use servers not associated with progressive companies who stifle speech, and have back up payment processors to prevent them cancelling patriots that way.

‚ÄčOver the next few weeks, we will be adding loads of new content from creators all over the world. It's a slow process, and we appreciate your patience as we finish building out our site. We will not be limited to just news and politics. We will have music, documentarians, entertainment podcasts and much more. Stay tuned, and please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed. 

You can support our Network by purchasing something from our webstore. If you would like to become a content producer please reach out to me at