Clot Shots & Kindergarteners

Trousdale County Kindergarten Round Up

Chase Matheson - May 13, 2024
As the school year comes to an end many schools are already preparing for next year's new round of students. Over the next few months many schools will offer vaccine clinics or steer students to the local health department for ACIP compliance* (the shots normally required to enter school). Most of the time, schools will partner with local physicians or the health department to offer clinics. One of these such partners, is apparently Health Hero Tennessee.
Health Hero Tennessee partners with churches, schools and others to "develop scalable onsite immunizations clinics and ensure safe vaccines for all." (The Covid 19 ‘vaccine’ appears to be their most successful one). 

The other day an ad popped up on my feed for one of their videos, and because it was promoting vaccines I wanted to see how badly they were getting rolled in the comments, but there were none. My curiosity got the best of me so I went to their page. Dozens of comments. Almost every post had at least 10.
Then I noticed that one of the same people was commenting on nearly every post. My first thought--it was an employee trying to help promote the business. But then, I noticed another familiar face. So now I was curious. I clicked on their profile and noticed something strange. They identified as a "stock trader." Was this some big company I knew nothing about? Or were there shenanigans afoot?

I went through every commenter on many different posts. There was lots of repeat-commenters, and several that only popped up once in a while. I found what I estimate to be over 20 different accounts that were routinely commenting. They had seemingly real names, real-looking, albeit somewhat scripted, replies; the all appeared on the surface to be genuine accounts of real people. 

Then, I noticed that more than one of them said they were a "crypto investor" or a "trader" in their bio. When I started to scroll through the pages that weren't set completely private, another pattern emerged. With only a handful of generic exceptions, the pages had shared ONLY Health Hero Tennessee posts for the last several months. Then, once you got back into 2023, they had almost all shared overlapping promotional posts.
Just a small sampling of the alleged bots, names & photos likely stolen
The nail in the coffin? Almost all of them had shared the same exact link, too. The more we dug the more obvious it was. Every single person commenting was was quite obviously a bot.

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Now usually, this would just make me block someone. But with all the hype about vaccines and potential injury I feel it's best practice that when advertising pharmaceuticals a company should present all the necessary risks as well so as to offer proper informed consent.

Now let me say explicitly that there is likely nothing illegal about bot farming interactions on your business page. I just feel this needs to be brought to light, because it sure seems slimy.

If the interactions are deceptive, what other slight of hand could we be dealing with? I felt it pertinent to investigate more. Turns out, this vaccine company partners with local county schools to promote these inoculations including a "Kindergarten Round Up" this week. (Do you picture a bunch of kids being sprayed with Round Up lol)
AI generated image satirical image: kindergarten round up
According to their website, they will be offering Compliance Vaccines as well as Flu, Monkey Pox and Covid vaccines--for Kindergarteners. We reached out to Health Hero Tennessee to find out what company they had hired to promote their social media, and asked if they felt it was ethical to promote pharmaceuticals (especially to kids) while using deceptive tactics and fake people. They blocked us.
sampling from one commment section
The Trousdale County Website lists a Kindergarten Round Up event, but it's for physicals and routine registration, not vaccines. Also, the contact person is different for each event.

We have reached out to Kathy Atwood with Trousdale County Schools for comment and clarity but gave not heard back by the time of publication.  

As we were finalizing this article, a new update unfolded. 

As we were finalizing review of this article, Health Hero Tennessee posted on their Facebook page a new disclaimer. This was only AFTER we had reached out to them regarding what we believe to be deceptive marketing techniques and were blocked. We sought out this post through an alternate account, and Health Hero Tennessee did not send it to us as part of any official comment or response. 
At least there is some form of a disclaimer now--though few will likely see it. It's also interesting to note that this disclaimer had not been posted on their X feed at the time of publication. 
If a company is prepared to deceptively mislead the people they advertise to in an attempt to promote their medical products and services--is it a stretch to think they may be deceptive in other ways?

For Clarity, we have NO belief that Health Hero has done anything illegal, but we do feel that the public has a right to know the techniques this company is using to make their goods seem more appealing.

Should we reward these companies with government partnerships and should we be sending our youngest most precious citizens to be their customers? We are interested in hearing what you have to say about this. What do you think. Sound off on X and make sure you tag @RealPatriotPunk!