UPDATE 4/3/2024:  I have gotten a few more documents from 2009- 2021 which support the family's side of the story. I've also confirmed through records requests that no reports were filed for the 2023-2024 school year referencing any injuries where the parent of record WAs Delisa Patrick--not ONE. Delisa has still not responded to our request for comments. We have reached out to Bunnie XO and asked for the total of sales from her merch, the amount going into the trust, and what kind of example her social media misinformation set for other young girls Bunnie XO responded, "Sending to my lawyer and he can respond if he chooses to." That was several weeks ago. It seems Bunnie XO has no intention of being "transparent" like she claims. Here are the documents I have obtained.
UPDATE 4:34AM 3/15/24: We have now spoken with 3 different family members, 2 of whom we have already been able to interview on camera regarding some disturbing allegations about the mother. Watch the Video at the bottom of this article.
UPDATE 8:59PM 3/14/24: 2 individuals claiming to be family members of the mother have come forward on both Rutherford County School's Facebook Page and on Bunnie XO's Facebook page. These individuals say that the mother, Delisa Patrick has been a scammer for a long time. Parents of children at the school have come forward with similarly disturbing accusations. It is important to remember all parties are considered innocent until proven guilty. 

Our sources at the school now claim to have found the assignment which is discussed, and that Kalista received a passing grade. Screenshots of the comments will be at the bottom of this article. We have interviews scheduled with the alleged family members that we will put out as soon as they are finished.
UPDATE 8:25PM 3/13/24: The mother has posted a video on tiktok. She claims the artwork was from August of 2023, and that her child was told she could not do the project because "of Jelly Roll's past." A picture of the artwork is at the bottom of this page. 

The mother also claims the daughter was sent home due to the artwork for 1 day, and then when her daughter returned to school, she was bullied. The daughter alleges she received injuries included broken bones* due to the bullying. The mother claims they have made efforts to address this situation with the Board of Education and that nothing has been done. We have reached out to the mother for comment and at the time of this update have not heard back. You can view her 9+ minute Tik-Tok Video HERE. 

The word bones was added to correct any misinterpretations. 10:10pm 3/13/24pm

Did a Middle Schooler's Drawing
Result in Suspension?

Social media post garners 15k shares in hours
Chase Matheson - March 13, 2024
UPDATE 2:26pm 3/13/24: New details have emerged. Sources within the school system's central office who have asked to remain anonymous because they are not authorized to share information publicly, have stated that the family involved has not had a child suspended for any drawings, however, there have been allegations of major truancy issues and possibly a visit from local agencies. Further details at the bottom of this page.

UPDATE 1:58pm 3/13/24: Rutherford County Schools posted an update saying this is not at their school, but Bunnie XO has doubled down and has began posting screenshots of other comments complaining about the school. 
RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN -- A viral Facebook post by Bunnie XO has sparked intense debate after revealing that a middle school student was allegedly suspended for a drawing she made of Bunnie XO while working on a project featuring her and Jelly Roll. The student, seemingly inspired by the couple's resilience, was working on a middle school project when the school allegedly suspended her for something in the artwork's content.

Bunnie XO & Jelly Roll are well-known to have less-than-innocent pasts, but have inspired thousands by overcoming their hardships and sharing their successes with others. They also have about 7.5 million Facebook followers collectively. 
Bunnie XO's posts garnered significant attention, amassing over 15,000 shares in less than 8 hours. Remarkably, leveraging the power of social media, it took less than an hour to locate the student's mother, whose family is now in touch with Bunnie XO and gave Bunnie permission to post that the school is located in "Christiana." 

In response to the posts, many are curious about the nature of the drawing. Constitutionally speaking, there are few grounds on which a public school can justify suspending a student for something they drew, such as true threats or "obscene" material. Even though Bunnie advertises herself as "The Trailer Park Barbara Walters" and has discussed sex work on her podcast, it's crucial to note that "obscene" is narrowly defined in 1st Amendment caselaw. What one person considers obscene, may not qualify, even if some find it distasteful.   

After speaking with the student's mother, Bunnie XO said she intends to publish the photo of the drawing on Facebook, and has promised to do something special with it for the girl.
Given this intention, it's unlikely that the material qualifies as Constitutionally "obscene" or contains any "true threats" or calls for violence.

Another possibility arises if the drawing relates to drug use, a topic both Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll have grappled with in the past. Some comments on the post speculate the drawing might reflect their journey overcoming addiction. 

If drug-related, the situation becomes more complex constitutionally, as evidenced by the 2007 "Bong Hits for Jesus" ruling.
In an effort to seek clarification, we've reached out to the Rutherford County Director of Education and the School Board and will update this publication with any relevant responses. 

As the community eagerly awaits resolution, it's imperative that all involved parties work towards a swift and fair conclusion. This incident underscores the complexities at the intersection of free speech and school policies, a topic we'll delve into further on the Patriot Punkcast Sunday night at 7pm CST. 

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UPDATED DETAILS 2:41pm 3/13/24:  New information has come to light from my sources within the School System. They told me, under the condition of anonymity, that the child was not suspended for anything to do with a drawing. 

They said that's why the school had a hard time finding the child, and that's why their original statement said it was not their school system. Upon further review and after identifying the suspected child my sources claim the child's mother had possibly been dealing with truancy (unsure if it was with the same child or another) and that a local agency may have recently completed a child wellness check. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge. 

Credit: @Momma.Lucifer on tiktok 
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