Multi-County Shooting Spree with BB Gun Ends with Arrests

Chase Matheson - July 1, 2024
Over the weekend several residents of Tullahoma and at least one resident of Franklin County were shot at with either fireworks, a BB-like gun (possibly a CO2 air pistol) or both. 

Franklin County Sheriff's Department said their original call was to a house where a resident was shot with what the report described as fireworks from a moving vehicle--a silver Camaro with drive out tags.
Residents in Tullahoma also phoned in complaints, this time after being allegedly shot with BB guns. Residents took to social media to warn others in the area and to share pictures of their injuries and damage to some of their vehicles. All mentioned the same Silver Camaro.

It appears that the incidents that took place ranged in location from the Cedar Grove area in Franklin County (near the Hurricane Rd area), all the way to the middle of Tullahoma, including the areas near Westwood Drive and also Wilson Ave.

Samuel Davidson with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office said that although they had only 1 report in their County that they were aware of, their office was aware that the suspects were connected to several incidents reported in Tullahoma. They also advised us residents of Bedford County or Shelbyville may have also been victimized.

Ultimately the 2 suspects were arrested by the Tullahoma Police Department.
Tullahoma PD issued the following press release:
Projectile Recovered by Homeowner
Interesting to note: in the comments of the social media posts, several others complained of similar incidents happening recently. One resident mentioned Roman Candles being shot at people out of a moving Jeep, while another said a family member was approached while leaving Marshall's in Tullahoma and was "prank attacked" by youths brandishing and firing cap guns. Tullahoma PD had not responded to our request for comment at the time of this writing.
No additional information is available about the suspects at this time. 

If you have any information, or were also a victim, please reach out to the Tullahoma Police Department at 931-455-0530.