Never Before Released Messages from Alleged gang member Suggest Government Officials Involved in Murder Coverup

Chase Matheson - September 9, 2023
OVERTON COUNTY, TN -- In a mystery that seems more fitting for Hollywood than the hills of the Cumberland Plateau, one young man's death has left more questions than answers. Aaron Shane Key, age 41, passed away in 2019. Cause of death was ruled suicide by hanging, but there seem to be more questions than answers surrounding Aaron's death.
The Official Narrative: Aaron Key came home intoxicated, got in an argument with his girlfriend and proceeded to go outside to a shed where he hung himself using a twisted rope suspended from a 12ft+-high rafter. The girlfriend called 911 while Aaron was still alive and argues she fought diligently to lift his weight up while he was thrashing about and kicking at her.

When Police arrived on scene Aaron was already deceased and police say he had already been cut down when they arrived and secured the crime scene. However, while in the process of securing the crime scene "puppies" bit and nibbled at the young man, resulting in damage to his left eye that can be seen below.
What doesn't make sense: The ligature marks on the young man's neck do not appear to show the level of chaffing, scraping, rope splinters and other physical signs that one would expect after a 210lb man thrashed around while suspended from a rope swinging back and forth. There's no crease from the weight of the body and even the autopsy report says its consistent with a slow, leaning hanging--not one showing signs he swung back for forth from a rafter in the ceiling. The damage to the eye does not appear to be indicative of small puppies chewing on a still warm body, and several ex law enforcement officers agree, admittedly their assessment is based on the poor quality of the images to which we have access.



The police left evidence at the scene, and no photographs of the eyeball-eating puppies were captured. All 5 individuals present at the house that night were well-known by local law enforcement, and 4 left the scene in between the 9-1-1 call and the police arriving on-scene. (All 4 were located rather quickly) Even the District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway arrived on scene--something uncommon for a suicide. Then, there's the jailhouse testimony of one of the individuals present that night--who admits to having several issues, and claims to be the victims "wife" through a local gang. Her testimony is less than believable.
Perhaps most concerningly is messages received by Aaron's mother shortly after she began questioning the official narrative. The messages began as what she thought was a sick joke--offering her money and information about her sons death in exchange for photographs. Lisa Key claims that when she reported these messages to the Sheriff's office they told her it was probably a joke and didn't even want to see the messages.
Within days things escalated. The individual, who seems fairly well spoken and literate threatens to murder her grandchildren, gang rape her, and move her son's body where she'd never find it. The individual claims to be a somewhat high ranking individual in the criminal organization that murdered Aaron Shane Key. He claims that the Medical Examiners were paid off and that it was Aaron's involvement with that criminal organization which resulted in his death. He also claims "The Feds make deals easier than you."
The sender of these messages has not yet been identified, and we are hoping that pressure from the public can get the case reopened or, at the least, re-examined by an outside agency. Lisa Key, Aaron's mother has not stopped fighting for justice. She recalls a phone call with Aaron just days before died where she claims he had a cryptic message for her. "I think I got into something I can't get myself out of."
Aaron's mother wishes for the case to be reopened, for her son's remains to be exhumed, and for an independent 3rd party, unaffiliated with the State of Tennessee, to perform a new examination.
Did a young man's involvement with a criminal organization result in his death? Or was it as the narrative states--a suicide? Hundreds of citizens are convinced of the former, and the disturbing Facebook messages never investigated by the police leaves (at least a little) room for doubt.

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