Promiscuity in Putnam:

Cops catch clap?
Chase Matheson - April 20, 2023
OVERTON/PUTNAM COUNTY, TN -- Reports are emerging regarding another alleged sex scandal involving Tennessee law enforcement officers, this time in Overton and Putnam Counties. The Patriot Punk Network has recently learned of a developing story similar in nature to the LaVergne PD Scandal, with the original tip being reported to have taken place at a gas station in Livingston, TN. Our investigation has not been able to independently confirm the details of the incident, but we have spoken to a member of Law Enforcement who says crystal-clear video exists. Our subsequent investigation has revealed there could be also be some on-the-clock promiscuity going on, too.  
Sources close to the department tell us that after a wild party at a property belonging to a long-time law enforcement officer working in Putnam County, off-duty Law Enforcement Officers (2 males and a female) drove to the gas station to get more alcohol. Some details remain unverified, but the allegations from within the Law Enforcement Community are that while one deputy went inside to get the refreshments, the female and remaining male began quenching their thirst another way in the parking lot. Things got steamy and by the time the second male returned to the vehicle, it's alleged the he opted to join in on the adventure. 
After noticing the individuals performing the Convenience Store Cuddle, the gas station attendee allegedly attempted to ruin the fun and asked the group to take their Rest Stop Romp Around somewhere else. It's at this time one of the individuals may have exited the vehicle, while still partially undressed, and attempted to tongue-kiss the unsuspecting clerk who was just doing their job. 
Some words were exchanged and phone calls were made, but it is currently unknown if the clerk is planning to take legal action. We have reached out to the establishment attempting to obtain a copy the security footage, but have been told we will have to go through corporate. If anyone has a copy of the video, please send it to our email
We continued our investigation and spoke to one of the neighbors of the female PCSO Deputy alleged to be involved in the Parking Lot Passion Party, and what he told us was shocking. We will call the neighbor "Fred." Fred claims that over the last few months he has noticed "lots of vehicles" showing up and parking in the driveway of the Female Deputy's house. The individuals driving the vehicles are sometimes clearly police officers, and sometimes in their patrol cars. Other times they are dressed in plain clothes and in normal looking vehicles. The individuals go inside and usually stay around 20-30 minutes. Fred said he "didn't think much of it," until 2 weeks ago when he "got a knock on the door." Standing at his doorstep was "the friend of another [PCSO] deputy's wife."

The door-knocker asked the neighbor "how often the different cars were outside the [female PCSO's]house," if the husband's truck was one of the vehicles that visited, and a few other questions about the visitors. She then notified Fred that at least one deputy was going through a divorce over the Putnam County Pit Stops. 
Multiple inside sources confirm that the Female PCSO Deputy may have a reputation for Profoundly Passionate Professionalism. We have discovered at least 4 but possibly more than 6 Law Enforcement Personnel have come down with chlamydia or some other venereal disease "requiring antibiotics" over the last 6 months, allegedly all after having relations with this same female PCSO Deputy. We confirmed that the female LEO left her previous department less than 2 months after graduating the academy and beginning her Field Training, although the reason for the quick departure is currently unconfirmed. 

The Patriot Punk Network reached out to the Female Deputy's previous department in an attempt verify the reason for her departure, but so far have not heard back--and they are making us jump through more hoops than necessary. Individuals we spoke to at the Department are concerned that the conduct could reflect poorly upon them, or that the county may wind up facing a similar lawsuit as LaVergne. 
The Patriot Punk Network also reached out to the Female Putnam County Sheriff's Deputy herself and one of the male officers alleged to be involved in the incident at the gas station, who is believed to be a member of Monterey City Police Department. The Female Deputy blocked us on both Instagram and Facebook, and did not respond to our request. We think that sends a pretty clear message. The male Monterey officer has not returned our request for comment. 

The Overton County Sheriff's Office has been contacted and as of the time of publication claimed not to be aware of the incident, although our sources say Sheriff John Garrett was the first person notified. The Monterey Police Department told me they could not provide a statement over messenger, so I called the Chief and as of the time of this publication had not received a call back. We are still awaiting comment from Putnam County, too.
We at the Patriot Punk Network felt that the citizens of these counties deserved to be made aware of the conduct that is allegedly being swept under the rug and possibly encouraged in some departments.  Recently, LaVergne Police Department was in the news for something eerily similar, and the lawsuits the city is facing as a result could very well bankrupt them. I encourage anyone with information to email me at

Similarly, I encourage anyone who may have had non-monogamous relations with anyone within these departments to visit your local Health Department for a screening. Cookeville's is located at 701 County Services Rd. 
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