Whistleblower Claims Falsified Documents & Retaliation

A whistleblower from within the Sumner County School System has come forward with allegations of serious safety concerns in Sumner County, TN. The attached letter was sent to members of the Sumner County Board of Education this week, a reliable source familiar with the matter has confirmed. The letter is alleging that emergency drills were not conducted as required, including emergency drills pertaining to intruders or active shooters. 

Worse, it alleges paperwork was falsified and this oversight was "swept under the rug." The letter also details allegations of retaliation and a toxic work environment against teachers who raised concerns. The whistleblower claims that despite repeated reports to the administration, no action has been taken to address the violations, and instead, retaliation against teachers has been the outcome. The letter posted has been transcribed from the original sent to me in order to protect the identity of my source. I am seeking an exclusive interview with the whistleblower to discuss the matters in full detail. 

 It is important to note that the accusations in the letter are not made by the Patriot Punk Network, however we feel that because of recent events in Nashville these accusations should be investigated immediately by the board, and encourage any other whistleblowers to come forward. I have reached out to Sumner County's media relations just as I did regarding the inappropriate and extremely sexual song played at a middle school dance, but I don't expect to hear anything back. If I do, I will publish their response. 

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