Wayne Miller Announces Run for
State Rep District 74

CHASE MATHESON - February 27, 2022
HUMPHREYS COUNTY, TN -  On Thursday February 24, 2022 sitting Chairman of the Humphreys County GOP Wayne Miller announced that he is stepping down. He was not stepping down as a way of getting out of politics, instead Mr. Wayne Miller announced he would be challenging current State Representative Jay Reedy in the Republican Primary for Tennessee's 74th District. 

Wayne Miller is a 10-year resident of McEwen, TN and had been the Chairman of the Humphreys County GOP for approximately 1 year prior to his resignation. He is a 20 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Miller appears to consider his bid as a form of public service, because too many members of the current legislature are going along to get along.
 "I've been asked once again to put on a different uniform." says Wayne Miller.  

"For 2 years they (most of our Legislators) sat back and did very little at all. A few, what do they call them? Activists? Stood up, and got on their bully pulpit, and they were met with opposition. The problem is, we don't have enough people on the bully pulpits. Peer pressure is a very powerful medicine."

His speech seemed to come as a surprise to the incumbent, Jay Reedy, who can be heard early on in the speech asking "does this mean I'm not doin' a good job?"

Watch the entire speech below and decide if Wayne Miller is the kind of person you want representing you in the 74th District of Tennessee.

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