Police Captain Resigns
Amid Allegations of Inappropriate Conduct

Chase Matheson - March 30, 2024
OVERTON COUNTY, TN -- It seems LaVergne is not the only Tennessee city destined to be known for their sexually deviant police officers. Over the last few months we have been inundated with reports of alleged sexual conduct by or within Tennessee law enforcement offices.
Everyone is aware of the Maegan Hall scandal, where it came to light that LaVergne police officer Maegan Hall and 6 other officers were allegedly doing the Backseat Boogie while on the clock. As of last week, the City of LaVergne settled a lawsuit with Hall, costing them $500,000 and over half a dozen officers. But LaVergne is not the only Tennessee Law Enforcement Agency where the cops enjoy a little kink. 
Most recently, we learned that a letter had been written to Ray Smith, Chief of Police in Livingston, TN. The letter was written by another Livingston Officer and was referencing a number of issues they had witnessed while working within the department, along with their resignation. 

"I honestly believe that if something ever happened that it would be such a mess and nobody would know who was doing what." 
(Excerpt, Letter to Chief Ray Smith RE: School Security)
The Letter included allegations of everything from schools not performing their intruder drills, to alleged inappropriate conduct by the Police Captain. The letter, written by a female employee who has left the department to pursue other endeavors, outlines some troubling allegations. Much of which we have been able to corroborate with other sources close to the department and with our own open records requests. What starts off sounding like a typical letter of resignation quickly turns into a laundry list of complaints about the department.
Bruce Matthews' Letter of Resignation 2/10/2024
"Not everyone wants to know about him and his bisexual wife and their affairs that they participate in." 
(Excerpt, Letter to Chief Ray Smith RE: Captain Bruce Matthews)
Officer Jenna Meness outlines problems with the chain of command, stating:

"There is a disconnect somewhere between you and Capt. Matthews. We've had meetings with you and the other SROs, and things that we have discussed and you are ok with, he seems to disagree and makes us do it a different way."

Later on in the letter she describes the active shooter training conducted by the department.

"We had 2 days of active shooter training at the schools with all of the officers. During this training, there were a few people who didn't seem to take it very seriously and joked around most of the day. There is specific training that should be taught and followed for active shooter situations and we all need to follow that. I honestly believe that if something ever happened that it would be such a mess and nobody would know who was doing what."

Meness completes the thought by saying, "In the last year, at LMS, I have only been involved in 1 fire drill, and no other type of drills/ alarms have been conducted..."

But that isn't all. Like we mentioned, this was a complete laundry list.
It is alleged in the letter that Matthews would frequently discuss his wife's threesomes with coworkers.

Letter from Chief Ray Smith; undated
"I know that I have already recently addressed this with you after someone else made some comments, however, Captain Matthews and his inappropriate conversations and comments. Not everyone wants to konw about him and his bisexual wife and their affairs that they participate in. He has told me several times that it is nothing for his wife to bring homea girl and throw her in the middle of the bed with them. He said that he has women on the side that his wife doesn't know about." 

"He told me not to forget to send him a picture and to make sure it had cleavage/boobs in the photo."
(Excerpt, Letter to Chief Ray Smith RE: Captain Bruce Matthews)

8 days after the date of this letter, Captain Bruce Matthews turned in his resignation from the Livingston Police Department, effective immediately. Paperwork from our records request shows Captain Bruce Matthews "Resigned while under Internal Investigation."
It seems the Livingston Police Department may have a history of trying to keep their Kinky Cops out of the news.

During this request, the Law Firm Rader Moore & York responded to the request, instead of the records custodian as would be typical for a police department.
The response took over 3 weeks, and contained only 6 pages. Originally, the response only contained 5 pages, because page 2 of Jenna Meness's letter was "accidentally" left out.

It is also plainly obvious that the Officer who penned the letter had raised concerns about some of this behavior before. "I know that I have already recently addressed this with you after someone else made some comments..."

Perhaps Jenna Meness wanted her side of the story on the record so that it didn't get swept under the rug.

You may recall that in 2023 the Patriot Punk Network uncovered the scandal known as the "Gas Station Grope.

This incident involved 2 officers from agencies in Putnam County, and a Livingston Police Officer who had just left a party at then-Chief Greg Etheredge when some interesting shenanigans unfolded in the parking lot. When we requested the reprimand for the Livingston Officer involved in this incident, it was missing from his personnel file--removed for our request, according to our source.
Apparently, it hadn't made it to the file yet, and when we got it, the date was missing from the document. I'm calling bollocks.

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There was also no body cam of the Gas Station Grope, and although department leadership reviewed it, no one thought to grab a copy of the gas station surveillance footage.

Although there have been no substantiated claims of on-the-clock intercourse, more and more stories are coming to light demonstrating the disturbing trend of promiscuity among police. Was the officer upset that previous complaints had gone ignored? It seems that way to us. One thing is certain, the Livingston Police Department never fails to deliver when it comes to crazy police stories. 

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How many other police departments in the state have issues with inappropriate behavior? We have exposed several salacious scandals in the 13th Judicial District alone. If you have evidence of misconduct by any government official in Tennessee, please reach out to us at Tips@PatriotPunkNetwork.com.